Called to Create

Called to create

“..the simple act of being faithful to God’s call to create had eternal significance”

I love this excerpt from a devotional I’m reading. In a world inundated and overloaded with every possible resource and creative endeavor already existing, it’s so easy to never step out and offer our own contribution.

The viewpoint of the above excerpt is saying it’s not about our outcomes. It’s about working and creating for God. It’s about being faithful to do what he’s put on your heart and called you to do. Whether that’s in creating a business plan or making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or a photography portfolio.

We’re all called to create. We experience freedom in our creating when we can take our eyes off of perfection, comparisons, and circumstances and instead on what has eternal weight, just being faithful and obedient to wherever Jesus has us in our lives.

This heart frees us to use our gifts out of love instead of a place of fear. How can you take your daily work, your situation in life, whatever that is, and even hobbies and within it create for eternal purposes?

What have you felt called to do but aren’t doing? Start in a small way, start in imperfection and see what God does!


2 thoughts on “Called to Create

  1. I so agree! He does not expect perfection from us; He is mindful of our frame. The Lord simply wants us to look to Him to co-create what He has already placed in our hearts and minds. Thanks for sharing your wise words Amy Marie!

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