I’m Amy Marie, the founder of Out of Broken. It took me about 7  months to finally start writing after purchasing the domain. I couldn’t commit to the name and wanted something light and breezy or trendy, like Son & Grace or Joy Factor.

But the truth is, the only reason I’m writing at all, is out of being broken. I’ve learned so much in this life as I stumbled along, getting beat up and bruised at every turn, ending up in complete brokenness struggling with social anxiety, depression, being jobless, and virtually homeless (thank goodness for parents, even being 5 states away).

But as I began to seek God’s presence and peace, I found out that I could find contentment, joy, and life again, even in the midst of utter failure, immobilizing fear, life-long mistakes, and a grief that continued to sweep over me.

So a year later, I picked that domain back up, still in the midst of having zero idea what to do with my life, but wanting to share that there is hope in the midst of the sorrows and hardships we all go through. And what better way to say happiness is still possible, then from a person who’s About Me section boasts, “Still single at 41, living with my parents, owns nothing, and needs a job.” The struggle is real. But so is strength. So is joy. So is hope.

“There isn’t one of us who doesn’t need key people who believe that the broken are the most beloved, that the busted are the brave, that the limping can lead–and that everything that looks likes it’s breaking apart might actually be falling together.”- The Broken Way, Ann Voskamp