Darling You Are Enough

Darling you are enough

“Christ’s seven “I am” statements, recorded in John’s Gospel, give us a glimpse into God’s character and promises. Through them, we see that Christ grants a way when we find ourselves lost, fullness when emptiness threatens, light when the darkness closes in. And he does not hand these things out as if they are quantities that can be depleted. By no means! Jesus is the Way, the Light, the Life we crave. God designed every piece of you specifically and lovingly for his glory. He is—right now, in the present tense—everything: not just everything you need, but really, truly everything.

Jesus invites us to fix our identity on God alone, freeing us from fear, bitterness, busyness, and other toxins that steal our joy and limit our influence for the kingdom. It’s radical, earth shattering—and breathtakingly beautiful.

When have you felt “not enough” recently? How would you look at that situation differently through the perspective of knowing that God is enough?”- Jerusha Clark, Shattering Toxic Beliefs & Discovering the Real You, You Version bible plan

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