Finding Joy in the Imperfect This Christmas

“Joy is a promise & a challenge. It’s less of a feeling that we’re waiting to happen to us. It is a choice… this Christmas, do not grieve, for your strength comes when you rejoice.” – David Huff, Hamilton Life Church

I love this, your strength comes when you rejoice. I’m learning to drastically change my inner dialog. Instead of continually berating myself, I’m finding words of life.

For example, today I was supposed to have quickly ran to get one gift, wrap and mail then all, and then get on the road for an 11 hour road trip. But somehow I only accomplished the first half of the agenda.

At the end of the day, scolding thoughts started to pour in, like how could I have taken three whole hours to find one gift & another three hours to wrap everything?? What’s wrong with me? But I caught myself, and chose these thoughts instead, “finding a meaningful gift is something that’s very important to me as well as making the gifts look beautiful. Thank you Lord for allowing me to find and afford beautiful things for my family, especially when I don’t have a lot of money. I’ll get on the road tomorrow and even though it’s imperfect, it will be fine.”

This may seem small and insignificant, but multiply this 1000x per day as we continually apply should’s and shouldn’t haves to ourselves and everyone around us and then wonder why we have zero joy and all but collapse under the Christmas tree clutching our mugs of caffeine on Christmas morning.

Joy comes by trusting. Trusting that God is a God who cares about our little things and blesses us even in our messes.

These last few days before Christmas, can we rest in His grace & push aside those negative feelings when they arise and *choose* joy amongst all of the many holiday imperfections?

Let us lay aside our grief, and rejoice for what Christ has done for us! We have life, and life more abundantly in Him! We have life forever more. Death does not defeat us as Jesus conquered it on the cross so many years ago. So make merry amidst the broken & the chaotic and speak life, life to your own heart and the hearts that surround you. We find our strength when we find our reasons to rejoice.

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