Perfect Peace

“When people have told me that there’s no reason to be angry because joy comes in the morning. I’ve told them that it’s still the night, that I still need to sit in my anger and to ask Christ to visit me there and heal me from it. This is what it means for me to live a truthful, authentic life. Through the years I’ve found that God always meets me in my authenticity. Every time. Without fail.” -Sheila Walsh

I read this in my devotion today and it resonated. I like that we can be honest with God with our real feelings. When we feel anger or unrest, sadness or disappointment we don’t have to pretend that we don’t. There’s such a tendency to immediately try to squash our difficult emotions, push them down, or pretend they aren’t valid or don’t exist. .

But God wants us to pour out our hearts to Him and instead of giving in to the stress and internal struggle, to entrust it to Him.

He wants us to be still, even amidst the chaos, and know that He is God.

If there are buried feelings, and you know that they exist because they don’t stay buried, but continue to rise up in quiet moments, take some time this weekend to acknowledge them and admit them to God. Ask Him to help show you how to heal and take a deep breath, exhaling any doubt that He will.

“You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.” Isaiah 26:3

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